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At Babar & Company (Pakistan), we have been in the business of supplying safes and other secure storage products for almost 68 years. Since the start, there has always been a strong family feeling within Babar & Company (Pakistan). Not only has the management remained within the same family since the foundation, but there are also a number of workmen today whose fathers, grandfathers worked for Babar & Company (Pakistan).
Since the start in 1947 Babar & Company (Pakistan) has grown into a large brand with operations all over Pakistan, extending its knowledge, design and engineering skills for the highest quality products.
Throughout our history, we have always been at the forefront of new safe and lock technology and today we are still pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are constantly developing new, more effective materials to provide the finest burglary-resistant and fireproof secure storage solution.

CEO Babar & Company
Shahid Ali Babar

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