Fire Exit Emergency Doors

We looked at the competition and incorporated all the best features and then added a few of our own, which makes the new range, probably the best door range on the market. No detail has been overlooked, from the stainless steel D Handles, Hinges and Thresher, to the fire retardant Rock wool infill. Nothing has been left to chance in the development of the new range. Why introduce another range of doors into a market that is already flooded with cheap Chinese doors? The answer is, precisely for that reason. We believe that Pakistan's market is crying out for a quality door at a competitive price and our new range fits that bill. “Customers want a quality door that won’t fail. But they also want a door that isn’t going to cost them the earth. They have become more savvy, particularly in these tough economic times”.

“ We have spent an awful lot of time developing this range and we are confident our customers will appreciate the price and quality”.

Babar Company range of Panic Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are unfamiliar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Panic Bars, which cover the width of the door, allow immediate escape when pressure is applied. Panic Exit Devices are tested to BS EN1125 and CE Marked which is necessary to meet the requirements of the Construction Products Directive.


Push Bar Panic Lock

  • Designed for today's demanding architectural requirements. Finely machined parts ensure smooth, easy touch bar operation; rugged components provid the durability needed to withstand heavy usage.

    Heavy-Duty InstitUtional Door Closers

  • Top-performing door closers. Superior strength and durability on institutional applications; available in a variety of standard- and heavy-duty arm configurations.

    Exit-Door Open Alarm

  • Installed customised exit alarms provides a wide variety of feature rich applications for door security.

    Door and Frame Specifications:


    Door features:

  • All doors can be both exterior or interior used.

  • Frame fixed by adjustable fitting screws.

  • Frame inserted with rubber seal on all 4 side around can reduce noise, smoke, dust etc.

  • single door completely flush surface but door leaf with 4 mm lip covered on the frame.

  • Double door completely flush surface inside & outside but two door leaves with 4 mm lip covered on each other, in-active door leaf can be self locked by flush bolt. the double Door frames can be separately packaged for easier installation

    Door Details:

  • Door leaf thickness: 50 mm

  • Door frame thickness: 100 mm

  • Door frame steel: 1.5-2.0 mm Galvanised steel attached with reinforced plate covered.

  • Material in fire door leaf: fire insulated core / double fireproof resistant board.

  • Material in fire door frame: fire insulated rock wool with reinforced plate.

  • Extra reinforced plate: on the position for lock, panic bar, door closer etc.

  • Threshold: 12 - 17 mm height made by stainless steel or galvanised finished. or no threshold for interior use.

  • Door Hinges: Heavy duty stainless steel with anti-theft dog bolt. 2 or 3 custom made heavy duty solid steel hinges on each door leaf.

  • Receiver: Noise reduced & adjustable lock receiver.

    Surface Finish:

  • Finish: Powder coated.

  • Standard color: RAL 7016 or enamel.

  • Other Colour: available for extra option.

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