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Types of Gun Safes

No matter if you have a single firearm or broad assortment of guns, gun safes are useful to protect your investment as well as your safety. Consider the following types of gun safes:

  • Long Gun Safes – Also known as a rifle safe, this type of safe often resembles a cabinet and can protect the firearms from fire and unauthorized use depending on the selected features. Our wide range of Gun Safes normally offer a variety of different features in their line of safes for Long Guns.

  • Handgun and Personal Safes - Whether you need to protect handguns from unauthorized use, or keep your valuables safe, secure your valuables in a dependable and sturdy personal safe and hand gun safe. Choose from top brands like Sentry Group, Stack-On Safes and more.


    Gun Safe Features to Look For:

    Think about the type and number of firearms you need to protect, as well as the type of threat you’re trying to eliminate to determine the best gun safe for your needs. Once you have assessed your needs, these factors and features should be considered when investing in a quality gun safes:

  • Fire Rating – Some safes employ fire board, drywall, or other insulation materials making these gun safes fire-resistant. Our own manufactured Gun Safes typically feature this construction.

  • Metal Thickness – Any gun safe that you consider should have a solid steel door and wall of substantial thickness. Generally the thicker the steel the better as well as a pry-resistant door, however this will also increase the price and weight.

  • Entry Convenience –Electronic, bio-metrically controlled, live locking and combination locks are among the several gun safe locking options.

    Custom build Gun Safes: Babar&Company is specialized in manufacturing custom made Gun safes for different customers and their tailored needs, come visit us and we would advise what suits your needs best.


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