Antique safes

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Babar&Company is the only restorer of Antique safes in Pakistan and has been doing it since the last couple of years. We buy and sell Antique safes as well. Our personal collection inculde many Antique safes from early 1900 century which we restore and sell on demand.  

Our small manufactory can restore any Antique safe you have. However, these are often sold before they are completely finished. Over the last couple of years these wonderful antiques enjoy increasing interest and therefore it becomes, even for us, more and more difficult to discover beautiful new and still payable pieces. Most prospective customers come to us, take a look at our collection of non restored safes and select one or several safes which we restore fully according their desires. Since a good restoration takes 80 to 200 hours of labour, prices start at approximately 50,000 Rs and can go up to 200,000 Rs or more for museum quality safes.

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